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Our Difference

Genuine, driven by people not profit, efficient. We’re not on level 30 in a CBD highrise – we’re on the ground in regional Victoria with our clients, our people, our community, YOU – every day. We’re upfront. We explain what “No win, no pay” can actually mean. We don’t drag out cases – we’re on your side in the office, in the workplace, in court and on the invoice.

Our principal’s father was a factory worker; his mother was a cleaner. We understand the needs of working-class people and the dignity they deserve. And we work hard, compassionately and professionally to ensure they achieve their entitlements.


Testimonial: John, Lauren, Pauline and Staff. Where do I even start to begin. I came to you so lost and I did not know what to do. Your advice, guidance and confidentiality helped me proceed with a claim that I was so scared of proceeding with due to the severity and sensitivity of my claim. Thank you for obtaining justice for me. ‘Kylie’. Sexual Abuse claimant


Our client was systematically raped, abused and imprisoned by her father – it was a house of horrors in a Victorian country town. He fathered four of her children. Her pleas for help against the degrading abuse went unanswered. We assisted the woman known as Katherine X, to take action. In the acknowledgements in her subsequent book, Katherine wrote of John Suta: “You are a mighty big voice for small people. Thank you.”


John, Pauline and Staff thank you just doesn’t seem enough. You were all there when I needed you the most. The day that I was t-boned by a driver not paying attention changed my life and my family’s lives forever. The horrific injuries and psychological trauma will always be there but thanks to all of your hard work and the money you obtained for me I can now start to move forward with my life again. My wife and I cannot thank you enough. ‘Len’ Transport Accident claimant

Behind Closed Doors



We’re on your side when you need some strength to redress what you have suffered. When you need someone to hear your story, understand your circumstances and show you a path forward, we’re here to help. Compassionately and assertively. Just like we did for Katherine X of ‘Behind Closed Doors’.