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The first step is to meet with John Suta Legal and explain the circumstances of your issue. You can speak with us in absolute confidence.

There’s no consultation fee for that first meeting, but it will allow us to scope the issues and advise you of what should be done next and the potential causes of action.

We will explain how we will work with you. We’ll explain the possible outcomes, settlements and costs as well as what so-called ‘No win, no fee’ claims really mean.

From the time you walk in our door, we’re on your side. Everyone needs some help from time to time. We’re here to ensure you get the professional representation you need.

What we won’t do: Frivolous cases simply designed to annoy someone, vexatious litigants, requests that would require unprofessional or unseemly conduct.

Take the first step with John Suta Legal

We can guide you through the WorkCover process to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to including any lump sum for impairment as well as Common Law claims for damages resulting from loss, pain and suffering. We also understand farm machinery, its uses and what can happen.

Road Accident Injuries (TAC)

Contact us immediately and know your rights and entitlements from the start such as payment for loss of wages, payment for medical expenses and payment for permanent impairment as well a Common Law actions for pain and suffering and compensation for economic loss.

Motorcycle Specialists

We own motorcycles, we understand them and the accidents they’re involved in. We understand the language you speak when it comes to bike crashes.

Public Liability

If you are injured in a public place, or due to a defective product, you might be entitled to compensation or make a negligence claim under Common Law for economic loss, pain and suffering and medical and like expenses. Likewise in a shopping centre, a National Park, a river, a school, a hotel or motel, service station or almost anywhere else you can think of. It’s important to get legal advice promptly so your interests can be protected.

Catastrophic Injury claims

We aim to secure the compensation for which you are entitled. Our representation aims to achieve what you and your family are entitled to. And we aim to get your life back to the very highest level that can be achieved.

Institutional Sexual Abuse

We’re on your side when you need an advocate to pursue your claim against any institution where you suffered as a child or as an adult. Most of our cases have come before the Royal Commission into institutional responses to victims of child sexual abuse.

If you have any accident or injury claim in your life ... We are here to help