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“At Hughes Creek, Avenel in 1866, at the age of 11, Ned saved the life of a local youth named Dick Shelton (the grandfather of Essendon football legend Bluey Shelton) who was between the age of 4 and 7 at the time. Ned rescued him from drowning in the creek, and was awarded a green sash, as a thank you, from the Shelton family.

“Ned only wore that green sash on very special occasions and it was found around his waist at the Glenrowan siege when he was captured. It can now be viewed at the Costume and Pioneer Museum in Benalla, still stained with Ned’s blood.

“At Ned’s wake which occurred at the North-Eastern Hotel in Wangaratta on 18 January 2013, the descendants (much to my surprise), presented me with a silk green sash, a replica of the one given to Ned by the Shelton’s. I treasure it.”

John Suta